STIFF ERECT™ receives so many emails from customers that it would be impossible to include them all here.  
Therefore we have simply listed a sample of our customer comments.

"Dear Sir/Madam. I am delighted to report on the first use of your product. I was concerned about its effectiveness because the price was considerably less than others advertised, and I had already tried some of those Patches and Creams which just gave me blurred vision... but not anymore. I took one capsule late in the afternoon and another 3 to 4 hours later. For a variety of reasons sex did not take place but I had a bone hard erection all night. When I awoke I was so hard I did not know how I could go to the bathroom. I had to place a cold spoon on my penis to get some relief. Just imagine a cold spoon at 62 years of age. I may try only one capsule next time and check the result. Your product exceeds all expectations."
Terry B
62 years old
"Hello, I am 66 years old, and I finally found your product works like you say it will, and the best part is no side effects or that sick feeling I would get with those others, my wife said what is going on with you, you haven't been this hard in the last few years, I am not going to tell her, what I am taking. I just wanted to send you folks a note and say thank you for a wonderful product.
Jerold TX
66 years old
"Being diabetic, I had trouble getting an erection, I am aware you guys said it is not recommend that I use your product, but the first time I used STIFF, I got an almost immediate uplifting effect. My wife was stunned!"
Peter S. L
67 years old
"I never knew I could have problems with getting an erection but I think it was nerves because every time I tried to have sex with my girl, I would sort of get it hard but by the time I tried anything it was just soft again. Your pills were awesome and I only have to take one every few days and I am as hard as rock. She thinks I am sooo good now, thx guys"
Davis B
19 years old
Yesterday, Monday, @ 4PM Your shipment of STIFF arrived. Immediately I opened the package, checked the invoice, and opened one of the enclosed envelopes containing 12 capsules and expressed thanks for its arrival. Since that time I have expressed thankfulness for your product many many times. I ingested ONE ONLY capsule. WITHIN less than 10 minutes i was feeling a very strong penile response -- as the MINUTES continued the erection and its accompanying powerful response increased like nothing I have ever experienced since I was a Teen Ager!! The instructions were to "take the dose about 45 minutes before intimacy". By that time I WAS READY!! I should tell you that I am an 86 years old married man. I have previously, during my last 20 plus adult years, purchased more than 120 of your competitor's products. I tell you now that Never during those years have I EVER had as wonderful a sexual experience as STIFF has so far provided. As I write this ( more than 24 hours later) The experience still is continuing! I have not taken #2 pill as yet.-- no need to yet. How wonderful! Thanks Again.
Philip P
86 years old
"I tried your product as suggested, actually I took one a day for a while and though I didn't expect it I was surprised at the overall energy it gave me. I am 65 years old, felt a lot older, but suddenly I felt younger, I lost 25 lbs, my blood pressure dropped from very high to normal, and because I had stopped eating so much my cholesterol have normalized. Now everyone wants to know how I did it but I am not telling. It did everything it was supposed to do plus more. I recently received my second batch and just ordered another. It is less expensive than diet drugs and it has much better side effects on my health and my sense of well being...."
William F
65 years old
"I'll be honest with you... I don't have erectile dysfunction. I take STIFF merely to improve my performance. On my first try, it took me about 15 minutes to get the hardest imaginable erection of my life! Mind you, at that time, I was just having a cola while watching MTV. There was no stimulation - mental or physical. The next time I had it, me and my girlfriend had the greatest sex ever, which lasted well over 1-1/2 hours! Ever since then, I have come to rely on STIFF whenever I need to have great sex!"
Eric S
45 years old
"I had heard my friends talking about their sexual performance and it got me thinking, perhaps my partner did not want to tell me I wasn't as hard as she liked, so I took some positive action. I didn't like the idea of new chemicals in my body so I tried Stiff the herbal alternative. I haven't told her what I am taking and she is absolutely loving the new me."
Richard L
age unknown
"Premature ejaculation - that's my biggest problem. My girlfriend left me for my best friend after failing to get satisfaction in bed from me. It busted my ego for sure. I tried all ways to solve it but to no avail, until I discovered STIFF. After being on this god-sent herb for a week, not only was my problem gone, I can last 30 minutes without a problem...and I never hear IT'S NOT YOU IT'S ME anymore "
Juanito S
29 years old
"I am a medical doctor by profession. Years of drinking and smoking took a toll on my sex organs. As a result, I could not have and even I did (occasionally), I could not maintain a stout erection. I didn't take Viagra because of its side effects. A friend from South Africa recommended me to STIFF. As it is herbal, I felt safe to ingest. To cut to the chase, I am now able to enjoy a full session of satisfying love-making with my wife 3 times a week. By the way, I am 62 years old."
Dr. Bertrand S
62 years old
"After I lost my job, I became very depressed. Sex was the furthest thing on my mind then. Even my naked girlfriend couldn't turn me on. I felt I had to do something before she leaves me for someone else. A friend told me about STIFF and bam, I am having the best sex ever!"
Carlos D
34 years old
"Well, I'm amazed. I'm 68 years old, taking about 10 different medical pills daily. Because of the bloontrol medicines, which lower my blood pressure, I've been impotent for about a year and a half. Thus, when I took my first dose of STIFF, I began checking my blood pressure almost every hour. My blood presure remained exactly at 136/68 NO CHANGE!! Yet, I had and 80 or 90% erection. On my second dose, three days later, I increased it to three capsules and its working fine for me with a full erection. STIFF really works!!"
68 years old
"Thanks to STIFF, I now have a fulfilling sex life that I never had before! My wife jokingly suggested that I should act in porn movies now!"
Srinathi S.
45 years old
"My name is Bill, and I just turned forty nine last month. When I was forty two I suffered a brain injury from a twenty four year Printing job. I have suffered with loss of Libido, some impotence and peripheal neuropathy for some years now. Along with this I have been diagnosed with MCS or Multiple Chemical Sensitivity. Thus many herbs and vitamins can and do make me ill. I just got back from a months visit to the Philippines to see my fiance. I took two STIFF capsules every three days, and I was like an absolute sexual animal all month, with NO detrimental side affects whatsoever! Thank you so much for this absolutely amazing product!"
Srinathi S.
49 years old